Who is in the court room

There are a lot of different people in a Youth Court hearing. Find out who could be in the room.

People in a Youth Courtroom

  1. Judge: the Judge will hear from the parties and make the final decision
  2. Court taker
  3. Prosecutor
  4. Police youth aid officer
  5. Youth Advocate: a lawyer who is specially-trained in youth justice
  6. Young person
  7. Probation officer
  8. Lay advocate: a specially-appointed person who will bring to the attention of the Court important cultural information about the young person and their whānau. They are not legally-trained.
  9. Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children social worker
  10. Alcohol & drug clinician or youth forensic services worker
  11. Education officer
  12. Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children youth justice coordinator
  13. Young person's family and whānau

The victim is entitled to attend the Youth Court hearing.

The young person may speak in English, te reo Māori, sign language, or any other lanugage with the assistance of an interpreter.

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